Parting debris from the sea.

Moses is a North American patent-pending project with the intent to help profoundly reduce debris entering our sewage system. 100% of waste that comes into our storm drains ends in our oceans. Items such as cigarettes, needles, plastics, are among the many pollutants entering our oceans at an alarming rate causing a horrific impact on our beaches, marine life, wildlife, and us as humans. This issue is not only harmful to the natural environment, it is also creating problems with the motor vehicle industry with the number one cause of accidents in British Columbia being hydroplaning, due to backed up storm drains. This issue is also directly affecting our families by causing the number one cause of home disasters. The list of how this issue is harming our planet and lives is growing at an alarming rate and needs to be addressed now more than ever. The effects of this problem spread quite vast throughout our day to day lives, we aim to drastically reduce these impacts and elevate the current situation with our project goals.

Moses Filter Presentation - V2 2.jpg